Friday, June 21, 2013

4th Division, Army of the Tennessee Historic Plaque: Cloud Field, Shiloh National Military Park

U. S.


1st Brigade,
Col. Nelson G. Williams, 3d Iowa, (W’d.)
Col. Isaac C. Pugh, 41st Illinois.
2d Brigade,
Col. James C. Veatch 25th Indiana.
3d Brigade,
Brig. Gen. Jacob G. Lauman.
Mann’s Battery, (“C” 1st Mo. Lt. Arty.,) Lieut. Edward Brotzmann.
2nd Battery, Mich. Lt. Arty., Lieut. Cuthbert W. Laing.
13th Battery, Ohio Lt. Arty., Capt. John S. Myers.
1st and 2d Battalions, 5th Ohio Cavalry, Col. W. H. H. Taylor.

This Division encamped here March 18th 1862; the 1st Brigade in front of Division headquarters; the 2d half a mile north; the 3d east along the Brown’s Ferry Road.

Sunday morning, April 6th, 1862, the 2d Brigade reinforced Gen. McClernand, near his headquarters, and served with him until 5 o’clock when it rejoined it’s division.  The 1st and 3d Brigades formed line of battle in the Peach Orchard and were engaged in that vicinity until 4 p.m. when they retired to the right of the siege guns.

On Monday the Division was engaged on the left of the Army of the Tennessee until about noon when its 2d Brigade moved to the left of Gen. McCook’s Division and was engaged in Review Field.

The Division had present for duty, of all arms, officers and men, 7825.

It lost 317 killed; 1441 wounded; 111 missing; total 1869.

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