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Remarkable Requests – Will of Capt. Levy, of the Navy

From the N. Y. Post

The will of Captain Uriah P. Levy, U. S. N., came up for probate in the Surrogate’s Court to-day.  Mrs. Levy receives only her right of dower and all the household furniture, plate, &c. so long as she shall remain unmarried, excepting what is otherwise bequeathed, to revert upon her death or marriage.  Captain Levy’s nephew, Ashel S. Levy, receives the Washington farm, in Albemarle, Virginia, with all the negro slaves, &c., and $5,00 [sic] in cash, also his gold box with the freedom of the city of New York.

He leaves to his brother, Jos. M. Levy, $1,000 in cash and mortgage on his house in Baltimore, to his brother Isaac Levy, $1,000 and all debts due him on notes, to Mitchell M. Levy, son of his brother, Joseph P. Levy, $1,000 in cash, to Eliza Hendricks, of Cincinnati, Ohio, the income of $1,000 to his nephew Morton Phillips, of New Orleans, his gold hunting watch and $500, to Colonel T. Moses of South Carolina a sliver urn, formerly belonging to Dr. Philips on which is engraved, “From Captain Uriah P. Levy, United States Navy, to his kinsman, Colonel Franklin Moses, Senator of the State of South Carolina, as a testimony of my affection.”

There are also legacies of $100 each to Captain John B. Montgomery, Captain Lawrence Kearney and Captain Francis Gregory, United States Navy, and Benj. F. Butler, to purchase mourning rings.  To Lieutenants Peter Turner and John Moffat, U. S. Navy, and Dr. John J. Cohen and Jacob J. Cohen, Jr., Col. M. Cohen, United States Navy, Lieutenant Lanier, Captain Wm. Meroine and Commodore Thomas Ap C Jones, each $25, to purchase mourning rings.

The will directs the executors to erect a monument at Cypress Hills, to consist of a full length statue of Captain Levy, in iron or bronze, in the full uniform of a Captain of the United States Navy and holding his hand a scroll on which shall be inscribed, “Under this monument,” or “In the memory of Uriah P. Levy – Captain in the United States Navy, Father of the Law for Abolition of the Barbarous Practice of Corporal Punishment in the Navy of the United States.”  The monument is to cost $6,000, and the body is to be buried under it.

To the Historical Society are bequeathed three paintings – the Wreck of the Medusa frigate, by Gericault, the Descent of the infant Jesus and Virgin Confessing the Bishop of Rouen, and a Rural Scene by Carl Bonner.  He then bequeaths his farm and estate at Monticello, Va., formerly belonging to President Thomas Jefferson, with all the residue of his estate, “to the People of the United States,” or such persons as Congress shall appoint to receive it, and especially all my real estate in the city of New York in trust for the sole and only purpose of establishing and maintaining at the farm in Monticello, Va., an agricultural school for the purpose of educating, as practical. farmers children of the Warrant Office of the United States Navy whose fathers are dead, the children to be supported by this fund from the ages of twelve to sixteen.”  For fuel and fencing said farm school, [the] will bequeaths two hundred acres of woodland of his Washington farm, Va.

The will especially requires that no professorships be established in said school and no professors being employed, the school being intended for charity and not for pomp.  In case Congress refuses to carry out the intention of this bequests the property is bequeathed to the people of Virginia for the same purpose, and incase the legislature of Virginia declines to received the trust the property is to go to the Portuguese Hebrew Congregation in this city and the Old Portuguese Hebrew Congregation in Cherry street, Philadelphia, and the Portuguese Hebrew Congregation of Richmond Va., for the establishment of said school at Monticello, for the children of all denominations, Hebrew and Christian.

Should this fund be more than sufficient for the support of children of warrant officers of the navy, the children of sergeant-majors of the United States army are to be included in the benefit – the balance to be for the benefit of children of seamen.  He further bequeaths $1,000 to the Portuguese Hebrew Hospital of this city.

The executors are Benjamin F. Butler, D. V. S. Coddington, Ashel S. Levy, Jos. H. Patten, Joshua Cohen, Jacob J. Cohen, George Carr, and John B. Blake, who are also created trustees of the estate.

– Published in The Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye, Burlington, Iowa, Saturday, June 7, 1862, p. 1

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