Saturday, July 20, 2013

Local Matters

FOR cheap straw hats go to R. Krause’s, No. 36 West Second street.  *

IF YOU want wall papers of the newest patterns, go to Plummer’s, No. 50 Brady st.  *tf

GRENADINE VEILS, black, brown, blue and green with plain and colored borders, just received at Wadsworth’s. *

RE-OPENING OF THE POST OFFICE EXCHANGE. – Haskins will open his Room, Monday morning, at 10 o’clock, with his usual nice lunch.  *

LANDLORDS, paper your houses with some of the beautiful paper hangings which can be found only at Plummer’s.  Then on rent day, instead of being met at the door with a broomstick, you will be greeted with pleasant smiles.  *tf

ERSKINE has a fine stock of Melton’s French Coatings, and English, French and American Cassimeres, which he will make to order in the best style.  He is selling very low for cash.  *

DANGEROUS. – As a lady of this city, the other day, was opening a box of the preparation known as concentrated lye, a lump of it dropped on the floor, where it was found by her infant child, who at once at it, and soon became alarmingly sick.  Proper medicines were promptly resorted to, which succeeded in neutralizing the effects of the poison.  There cannot be too much care experienced in handling such articles, especially when there are children around.

THE WASPIE. – This romantic stream has been, as usual every spring, on a roaring rampage, and no team has crossed it on the Dubuque road since the beginning of March.  The state on this side stops at the Fifteen Mile House, and the passengers partially cross the stream, which is two miles wide, in a skiff, for which the moderate sum of half a dollar is asked, while the bassenger foots it or wades nearly half the way.  The ferry boat will probably be in place to-day, so that teams can cross again, as the water has fallen considerably.

FROTHY, OF A TRUTH. – We believe, that it was Sir Wm. Drummond who said, that “he who will not reason is a bigot, he who cannot reason is a fool, and he who dares not reason is a slave.”  The following is the editor of the Democrat’s reply to our article of Friday, and it is a parity of reason with all he writes:

            FROTHY. – Brother Sanders feels stirred up.  He is evidently afraid that he will yet be called upon to furnish room in his family for a few samples of the “institution.”  Don’t the idea make him mad though!  Don’t he doubt the integrity of any man who will thus open up to his affrighted gaze the naked results of his pet hobby!  What a wail of agony, because we are allowed by a forbearing public thus to torment him.  Can’t somebody take his part?  O, Sanders! You are a persecuted individual.

THE Democrat, with its accustomed perspicacity, pitches into Marshal Hoxie for arresting Hill and taking him to Fort Lafayette. – Hoxie but obeyed the orders of his superior, as every good officer should.  We know our neighbor feels aggrieved that his friend Hill should have been  imprisoned for writing treason.  He thinks that is coming rather too close home to be agreeable.

CHILD LOST. – A boy about five years old, son of Mr. Henry Hansen, of Princeton, wandered away from home last Tuesday, and had not been heard from at last accounts.  Any one knowing anything of the whereabouts of the little fellow, will do an act of kindness by letting his father know where he may be found.

DECORATE your dwellings with some of those recherché patterns of wall paper, which can be seen only at Plummer’s, No. 50 Brady street.  *tf


The Rev. Mr. Brooks of Rock Island, will preach this (Sabbath) morning, at 10½ o’clock, in the M. E. Church, in this city.

Rev. G. W. Barnes, of Omaha, Nebraska, will preach in the Main street Baptist Church to-day (Sunday) at 10½ o’clock a. m.

– Published in The Davenport Daily Gazette, Davenport, Iowa, Monday Morning, May 5, 1862, p. 1

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