Tuesday, November 19, 2013

General Robert E. Lee. To Charlotte Wickham Lee, June 2, 1862

NEAR RICHMOND, 2d June, 1862.

You may have heard that a battle has been fought near Richmond, my darling Chass, and be uneasy about your husband. I write, therefore, to inform you that he is well. The cavalry was not engaged, and of course he was not exposed. . . . I am sorry to say that General Johnston was wounded Saturday evening, not seriously, I am told; but when I left Richmond yesterday the extent of his wound was not known. . . . I am now in the field again. The wound of General Johnston obliging him to leave, it rendered it necessary, in the opinion of the President, that I should take his place. I wish his mantle had fallen upon an abler man, or that I were able to drive our enemies back to their homes. I have no ambition and no desire but for the attainment of this object, and, therefore, only wish for its accomplishment by him that can do it most speedily and thoroughly. I saw F. Friday. Was at his camp. . . . He is well and so is Shiloh, Moses, etc. I told him about you, and gave him your address. He said he would write. I hear nothing of your poor mama, or the White House. Kiss Agnes for me, also your fine boy. I wrote to both of you some days since,—but I can do nothing but think of you. God bless you both and all, and keep you for himself now and forever, Your affectionate father,

R. E. LEE.

SOURCE: John William Jones, Life and Letters of Robert Edward Lee: Soldier and Man, p. 184

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