Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Illinois New Constitution

The statement industriously circulated that a number of Illinois regiments have voted almost unanimously for the new constitution, is wholly untrue.  It was set afloat in order to discourage opposition to the instrument.  The two regiments on the Potomac – 8th cavalry and the 39th infantry – are understood to be unanimous against it.  Letters from Springfield say that there is a high probability that it will be defeated – the nullifying section of article 2, and the extraordinary clause giving Justice’s of the Peace authority to imprison citizens for 30 days without appeal, being extremely unpopular. – Wash. Dispatch N. Y. Trib. 14th.

– Published in The Davenport Daily Gazette, Davenport, Iowa, Monday Morning, May 19, 1862, p. 2

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