Thursday, July 7, 2016

Diary of Luman Harris Tenney: Saturday, August 2, 1862

In camp on Drywood, sixteen miles from Fort Scott. Marched today 22 miles over a barren prairie. Rested for two or three hours in the heat of the day. Mail came in the evening. Received another letter from Fannie. It seemed so good to hear from her two days in succession. Got to fooling with Reeve in the tent along in the evening, and we concluded to take a turn outdoors. We first took hold square-hold. After a long time I brought Reeve to the ground but he whirled me. Boys said I threw. Then he dared me to side-hold. Major and boys watched me. I threw him in a trice. I wouldn't try again for I know his superiority in strength and skill.

SOURCE: Frances Andrews Tenney, War Diary Of Luman Harris Tenney, p. 23

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