Saturday, July 2, 2016

Diary of Luman Harris Tenney: Thursday, July 31, 1862

Finished a letter to Fred Allen. The Court Martial meetings still continue, Major Purington presiding. The officers are beginning to be more strict and exacting. The discipline cannot but be improved. Went to the river and bathed. Washed a pair of pants and handkerchief and towel. Went up on a high bluff of rocks, a more romantic place than I had seen for a long time. It reminded me much of Old Vermont, or Canada side of Niagara. Marched at three P. M. Reached Baxter's Springs at sundown. Major Miner, Capt. Stanhope and Adj. Weeks ate supper with us, had tomatoes and pineapples for dessert.

SOURCE: Frances Andrews Tenney, War Diary Of Luman Harris Tenney, p. 22

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