Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Brigadier-General William F. Bartlett, July 18, 1864

Washington, July 18, 1864.

I have only time to write a few words to-night to say good-by. I was very much disappointed at not seeing you the day I was in Boston. You know I wasn't there quite twenty-four hours; did not see Macy or Arthur. I was anxious to get back here, because I did not know what this raid might amount to. Entre nous, this little town came nearer being taken last week than you or I imagined. One Major-general, who talked to me to-day about it, thinks they will be back again soon. The Sixth Corps returns to the Army of the Potomac at once, likewise the Nineteenth Corps.

I saw O. W. Holmes a moment this morning. He goes home to be mustered out. I send you a poor photograph taken from a larger picture which Brady has of me here. They are not good. I go down to Petersburg to-morrow. I can't tell you how much I regret having missed an hour with you last Thursday, but trust we are yet to have our little talk out.

I found your “In Memoriam here on my return. I like it very much. Write to me when you have plenty of leisure, Frank (First Division Ninth Corps), and don't forget to remember

Frank Bartlett.

Pardon the haste, brevity, and style of this letter, and heap coals of fire on my head in return. Good-by.
You are at liberty to burn the picture if you object to it.

SOURCE: Francis Winthrop Palfrey, Memoir of William Francis Bartlett, p. 109

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