Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ethan Allen & Thomas Wheelock to John Brown, April 20, 1857

Worcester, April 20, 1857.
John Brown, Esq.

Dear Sir, — Your letter to Mr. Thayer was handed us by him with the twenty dollars, and in reply would say that we are very sorry we cannot send you the sample revolvers, owing to great delay in some of our work, etc. We shall not be able to supply you with any at present, and recommend that yon obtain Colt's pistols for your immediate use. We will send you one or more as soon as we can get them ready, if we can know where to send them, and would then be glad to supply you with what you may want. We have got the large gun ready; and at the request of Mr. Thayer we have been and got the cannon and brought it here; and are waiting for the rifle and pistols that you wrote were to be sent from Dr. Howe, on the receipt of which we shall forward them, together with the cannon, rifles, etc., as you directed; which we hope will be safely received in due time.

Yours truly,
Allen & Wheelock.

SOURCE: Franklin B. Sanborn, The Life and Letters of John Brown, p. 383

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