Sunday, September 18, 2016

Major-General John A. Dix to Edwin M. Stanton, May 20, 1864

Head-quarters, Department of the East, New York City,
May 20,1804.
Hon. E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War:

I have arrested and am sending to Fort Lafayette Joseph Howard, the author of the forged Proclamation. He is a newspaper reporter, and is known as “Howard of the Times. He has been very frank in his confessions — says it was a stock-jobbing operation, and that no person connected with the Press had any agency in the transaction except another reporter, who manifolded and distributed the Proclamation to the newspapers, and whose arrest I have ordered. He exonerates the Independent Telegraphic Line, and says that the publication on a steamer-day was accidental. His statement, in all essential particulars, is corroborated by other testimony.

John A. Dix, Major-general.

SOURCE: Morgan Dix, Memoirs of John Adams Dix, Volume 2, p. 100

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