Saturday, November 5, 2016

Maintenance Of Peace With America, May 26, 1863

The writer of the following letter, John M. Forbes, a well-known merchant of Boston, North America, is fully accredited as a gentleman entitled to all confidence and respect by letters from Samuel Boyd Tobey, of Providence, to Joshua Forster; Thomas Evans, of Philadelphia, to James B. Braithwaite and Richard Fry; Matthew Howland, of New Bedford, to Joshua Pease; Thomas Kimber, Jr., to Henry Pease, M. P.; and Thomas Evans to Robert Forster, etc., etc. We, the undersigned, commend the important subjects treated upon to the serious attention of our friends.

Robert Forster.
Robert Alsop.
George Sturge.
London, 26th of 5th Month, 1863.

SOURCE: Sarah Forbes Hughes, Letters and Recollections of John Murray Forbes, Volume 2, p. 14

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