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Lieutenant-Colonel Rutherford B. Hayes to Sophia Birchard Hayes, June 15, 1862

Camp On Flat Top Mountain, June 15, 1862.

Dear Mother: — It is a beautiful Sunday morning. We are on the summit of a range of mountains, perhaps one-third to half a mile high, giving us extensive views of mountains and valleys for thirty or forty miles south, east, and west of us. The nights are cool, often cold, and the brisk breezes make even the hottest part of the day agreeable. We are exceedingly healthy and with just enough to do to keep blood circulating, and occasionally a little flowing.

I hear from home very often, letters usually reaching me about seven days after they are written. I am rather glad that Lucy will remain in Cincinnati this summer. By next summer the war will, perhaps, be ended and we can all spend it in Fremont together. The boys seem to be doing well in the city and can afford to wait.

I hope Uncle's health is again as good as usual. It will not surprise me if he goes up to seventy as you have [done]. It doesn't seem such a great age as it once did. You are no older, or but little older, as I think of you, than you were many years ago. — My love to Laura and all.

Affectionately, your son,
R. B. Hayes,
Mrs. Sophia Hayes.

SOURCE: Charles Richard Williams, editor, Diary and Letters of Rutherford Birchard Hayes, Volume 2, p. 290

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