Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Diary of 1st Sergeant John L. Ransom: February 23, 1864

None have been taken away from the island for a number of days. Have heard that a box came for me, and is over in Richmond. Hope the rebel that eats the contents of that box will get choked to death. I wrote to the Governor of Michigan, Austin Blair, who is in Washington, D. C, some weeks ago. He has known me from boyhood. Always lived in the neighborhood at Jackson. Mich. Asked him to notify my father and brothers of my whereabouts. To-day I received a letter from him saying that he had done as requested, also that the Sanitary Commission had sent me some eatables. This is undoubtedly the box which I have heard from and is over in Richmond. Rebels are trying to get recruits from among us for their one-horse Confederacy. Believe that one or two have deserted our ranks and gone over. Bad luck to them.

SOURCE: John L. Ransom, Andersonville Diary, p. 33

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