Monday, March 13, 2017

Edwin M. Stanton to Brigadier-General William F. Bartlett, August 12, 1865

War Department,
Washington City, August 12, 1865.

Dear Sir, — Your note of the 9th inst. reached me this morning, and the Adjutant-general has been directed to give you six months’ leave of absence with the privilege to go beyond the limits of the United States. I would be glad to continue the pay, but it would lead to so many applications of a similar nature as to become necessary perhaps to revoke all. The question of pay therefore can remain suspended, but it is probable that the service will require the absence to be without pay.

Yours truly,
Edwin M. Stanton.
Brevet Major-general Bartlett,
16 Broad Street, Boston.

SOURCE: Francis Winthrop Palfrey, Memoir of William Francis Bartlett, p. 154

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