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John Brown to George L. Stearns, May 23, 1857

Akron, Ohio, May 23, 1857.
George L. Stearns, Esq., Boston, Mass.

My Dear Sir, — On my arrival at Cleveland yesterday, I found with O. M. Oviatt, Esq., your favors of the 16th and 19th inst. I had made no previous arrangement with Mr. Smith about the land, other than to say that I wanted the contract with the Thompsons made over to me on payment, or to that effect. He had given me no encouragement of any help about it from him; and when I met one of the Thompsons there,1 all I could do was to get both parties to agree to the arrangement, and to wait until the money could get on from Boston. Mr. Smith had before written me that his last year's efforts for Kansas had embarrassed him, but that when the struggle was renewed he would do all he could. He gave me fifty dollars, Mrs. S. ten dollars and some little useful articles; Peterboro’ friends gave me thirty-one dollars, and I came on with the understanding that probably the thousand dollars would soon be sent on to Mr. Smith. I lost about one week on my way to my family with ague and fever, and left home feeble, and am still so. I could promise Colonel Carter no more than pay for primings, which I had not bargained for. I shall redeem my promise to you as soon as I am able to do so. Please write me next to Dr. Jesse Bowen, Iowa City, Iowa, on envelope. I send my earnest good wishes to Mrs. S. and the children. Am disappointed in not having Mr. Foster and child for company.

Very respectfully your friend,
John Brown.

1 At Peterboro’.

SOURCE: Franklin B. Sanborn, The Life and Letters of John Brown, p. 409-10

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