Monday, June 19, 2017

1st Lieutenant Charles Wright Wills: March 20, 1862

Twentieth.—To-day 'tis cloudy and we have fire in the tent and I wear my cloak besides. There are no news of any kind today. We are on a little piece of dry land here (some of the earthquake's “get up” I suppose) entirely surrounded by swamps of the vilest kind, cane and cypress. We have dug -wells all through camp. Find plenty of water at five feet. The Rebel battery across the .river has been trying to shell us this morning. They sent some shell plenty far enough but they lit off to the right of our camp. General Plummer rides down along the river bank with his staff every day and the Rebels do their best to send him up. The colonel has just sorted out with him to give the Rebels another chance. There is considerable cane here and it looks as though the country might grow alligators to almost any extent . 'Tis a grand country for a sporting man. The very paradise of geese and their kindred.

SOURCE: Charles Wright Wills, Army Life of an Illinois Soldier, p. 71

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