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John Brown to Franklin B. Sanborn, February 26, 1858

Brooklyn, Feb. 26, 1858.
F. B. Sanborn, Esq., Concord, Mass.

My Dear Friend, — I want to put into the hands of my young men copies of Plutarch's “Lives,” Irving's “Life of Washington,” the best-written Life of Napoleon, and other similar books, together with maps and statistics of States. Could you not find persons who might be induced to contribute old copies (or other ones) of that character, or find some person who would be willing to undertake to collect some for me? I also want to get a quantity of best white cotton drilling, — some hundred pieces, if I can get it. The use of this article I will hereafter explain. Mr. Morton will forward your letter here to me. Anything you may be disposed to say to me within two or three days please enclose to James N. Gloucester, No. 265 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Very respectfully your friend,
John Brown.

P. S. Persons who would devote their time to the good work, as agents in different parts, might do incalculable good. Can you find any such?

J. B.

SOURCE: Franklin B. Sanborn, The Life and Letters of John Brown, p. 443-4

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