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Captain Charles “Edward” Putnam to Mary “Ella” Fawcett Putnam, August 21, 1864

Before Atlanta, Ga.
August 21st 1864
Sunday night, 9 P.M.
Dear Ella:

Perhaps my letter would be more valuable to you if I did not write so often, but when night comes, I get lonesome and can find no enjoyment except in writing to my wife — even if I have not much to say. You are my only comfort and joy, and I like to talk to you as I am denied the pleasure of seeing and talking vis-a-vis. My long letter sent today is not the style I always intend to write, but I felt that I would like to talk to you just as I wrote. Consequently the letter was such.

This is a dark, rainy night and is inclined to produce a blue feeling, but I am not blue, but confess to feeling a little sad. I feel that my Ella is not as happy as I would wish her to be for I would have her perfectly joyous and full of hope. You must believe, my dear, that I am safe all the time and will return at the earliest possible moment. Just think how very happy we will be when I can again imprint a greeting kiss upon your lips. Our last meeting is not to be compared with the one to come for we were not so dear to each other then as now. Our lives are as one now — each cares not to live without the other. But I trust both will live many years a joy to each other’s heart. We will have a home which shall never know aught but the brightest sunshine. I know Ella will be my teacher, learning me how to be good, telling me my faults and how to correct them. All this selfishness of heart she shall drive away and make me a man worthy of being loved by her. I believed I could make you happy when I wedded you and still believe so. I know that you love me as I have never been loved before. Why then should I not be the proudest man in the world! I am.

I think after I get home where I will be under your influence all the time, and not have my mind wholly occupied by the one thought of returning to my Ella, that my energy will return and my old ambition spring into life again. As it is now, I do not care for promotion. I would not stay in the service a month after my time was out to secure it without it was with your consent. I presume were I to devote my attention to that one object, I could soon secure an elevation to a higher rank; but lately I have not given it one single thought for should I be favored with advancement in grade, I would be expected to remain in the service another three years, if I did not receive some injury totally unfitting me for duty.

I can not write a long letter tonight. A Sabbath night’s sweet kiss for you, sweet Ella. Good night.

Truly your own,

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SOURCE: This letter was listed for sale on Ebay, accessed July 12, 2017

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