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John Brown to Mary Ann Day Brown, September 13, 1858

Osawatomie, Kansas, Sept. 13, 1858.

Dear Wife, — Your letter of the 25th August I was most glad to get, notwithstanding it told me of your trials; and 1 would be thankful that the same hand that brought me your letter brought me another, supplying me with the means of sending you some relief. I hope you will all learn to put your trust in God, and not become discouraged when you meet with poor success and with losses. I wrote you two or three days ago, telling you how I had been sick, but was getting better. I am still very weak, and write with great labor. I enclose draft for fifty dollars, payable to Watson. I want Mr. Allen paid out of it, to his full satisfaction, for the barrel of flour lent, as a first thing, and the balance used to supply substantial comforts for the family, or to pay any little debts. I shall have the means, after a while, of paying for another yoke of oxen, and I hope to have it soon; but of that I cannot be certain. It would be well to make considerable inquiry for a good, youngish yoke, without faults, and also to find where you can get them most reasonably for the money. Do not, any of you, go in debt for a team. You may, perhaps, hire a few days' work of some good team to log with, or of some good man to help to pile logs without a team, sad I will endeavor to send the pay on for that soon. Do the best you can, and neither be hasty nor discouraged. You must acknowledge the receipt of this at once, and tell me all how you get along. May God abundantly bless you all!

Your affectionate husband.

SOURCE: Franklin B. Sanborn, The Life and Letters of John Brown, p. 478-9

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