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Joshua Reed Giddings to Oran Follett, June 2, 1845

Jefferson June 2, 1845
My Dear Sir

In the course of last winter I became acquainted with Mr Hamlin of Elyria who I believe is also personally known to yourself. From his letters to the Cleveland Herald and some other writings of his I formed a very favorable opinion of his talents as a writer, and often spoke with him upon the subject of being employed as an Editor. I again saw him last week and again suggested the same thing to him, and he informed me that he was not now employed in any other business than that of his profession and that he would have no particular objections to editing a paper. Can you inform me where there is a suitable opening for him? If you do [sic] will you please inform me when convenient?

Very respectfully
J R Giddings
O Follett Esq

SOURCE: Quarterly Publication of the Ohio Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, 1915-1917, Volumes X-XII, Selections from the Follett Papers, III, p. 23-4

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