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Justice Robert Cooper Grier to Edwin M. Stanton, October 13, 1864

Philadelphia, October 13,1864.
Hon. E. M. Stanton.

Dear Sir, — I have just received your telegram announcing the decease of Chief Justice Taney. Although often differing in opinion with him, I had the highest respect and esteem for him, and sincerely lament his loss.

I see speculations are already rife as to his successor. It is a question in which I feel a deep interest. I know of no man more competent to fill the place, or who deserves it so much as yourself. You have been wearing out your life in the service of your country, and have fulfilled the duties of your very responsible and laborious office with unexampled ability, and I think the President owes it to you, and that you should be suffered to retire in this honorable position. I see the papers are already beginning to put forward the name of Mr. Chase. But I presume the President will not be persuaded thereby that he is the choice either of the bar or the people, or attend to the dictation of journalocracy.

It would give me the greatest pleasure and satisfaction to have you preside on our bench. I am sure you would be the right man in the right place.

I am with much respect and esteem,
Truly yours,

SOURCE: George Congdon Gorham, Life and Public Services of Edwin M. Stanton, Volume 2, p. 469-70

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