Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Glorious News From Kirby Smith

Covington and Newport, Ky. Captured!!


All U. S. Property to be Seized!!

GRENADA, Miss., Sep. 8. – The Memphis Argus of the 7th contains the following dispatch:

The steamboat “B” arrived last evening about four o’clock from Cairo.  A gentleman on board had a copy of an extra just issued from the Cairo Gazette office previous to the departure of the “B” which states substantially as follows:

On Thursday morning the Federal forces at Covington and Newport, Kentucky, were marched out to meet Gen’l Kirby Smith, who was nine miles off.  After an hour’s march Gen’s Smith was encountered, and the Federal forces were drawn up in line of battle, and ordered to fire.  When they had fired one round it was discovered that the Confederates were an overwhelming force, and the Federal force was ordered to fall back.  Gen’l Smith advancing upon them.  When the Confederates reached Covington, and Newport, Gen’l Smith demanded the surrender of both places, which was complied with, he taking possession on Friday morning 10 ½ o’clock.

A flag of truce was then sent across the river, and the surrender of Cincinnati demanded – two hours being allowed the authorities to comply.  The Mayor asked for four hours, which was granted.

Gen’l Smith in response to inquires informed the citizens that private property would be respected, but all united States property must be delivered up.

- Published in The Daily Rebel, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Wednesday, September 10, 1862, p. 1

Note: This article also appeared, with minor differences in the text, under the headline “News By Telegraph” in The Charleston Mercury, Charleston, South Carolina, September 10, 1862, and is transcribed here.

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