Monday, July 20, 2009

The attempt to re organize the Democratic party . . .

. . . in the interest of slavery, by leaders of doubtful loyalty, under the apprehension that the old condition previous to rebellion is to be restored, is as poor and blind a speculation as the rebellion itself. It will drive into the Republican party all the loyal Democrats and leave only to the new organization the base, truculent, time-serving camp followers of the old party organization who have heretofore earned their small pittances by dirt-eating. These creatures, who have always abased themselves to any extent demanded by Southern fire-eaters – who have so long found their reward in following Southern lead as to really behave in and follow nothing else, now firmly believe the old status is to be restored and are making haste to embrace the rebels whenever they are disarmed. The are anxious that it shall be known that this is none of their roar – that they will do all in their power to weaken the Government so that it can not be prosecuted – that they are opposed to paying the expenses and are ready to advise the people against paying Federal taxes, &c., &c.

Does anybody suppose a political party can be organized upon such a platform and get the vote of a single Northern State? And aside from its disloyal sympathies and rebel tendencies the infamy of its leaders would kill it. A political party exist with Vallandigham at its head? Mahoney and Clay Dean lead a successful party in Iowa?

The attempt to reorganize the Democratic Party upon the same Principle as the C. S. A., viz: with slavery as its corner stone, will identify it fully with the rebellion, and it must share the fate of the rebellion. If Jeff Davis is put down and secession conquered, his friends in the free states must go down with him. If on the contrary Davis Succeeds and the North is conquered, the new Democratic party at once goes into power and Mahoney and Dean may become provisional Governor of Iowa. The rebellion must put us down or we shall put it down. Either Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis will be President of the whole union, from the gulf to the St. Lawrence.

– Published in the Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye, Burlington Iowa, Saturday, April 26, 1862

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