Saturday, January 9, 2010

The New Democratic Party

EDITOR GAZETTE:– Will you, or your neighbor of the Democrat, gives us a little light? It is proposed to reorganize or resurrect the old Democratic party. Now what we want to know is, on what platform is it going to be built? What is to be the doctrine of the party? It is well known that in the last Presidential contest – so far as the main issue, slavery was concerned – there were three distinct platforms – the slavery-extension party, the let slavery-go-where-it-please party, the slavery-restriction party. Now on which of these platforms will the reconstructed party be established? Will it be the Breckinridge platform? That party is everywhere in rebellion against the Union. Will it be the Douglas platform? Compromise with the rebels, surrender the Government into the hands of traitors, that the last spark of liberty may be extinguished? Or will they attempt to crowd the Republicans off and build on their platform? This silence on doctrinal points in the proposed party is rather mysterious. The people want to know what is to be the watchword of the new party before they join it.

Some of our Yankees, who are good at guessing, have guessed the following three planks, which they suppose will be put into the platform: Mob-law, death to Abolitionists, and the canonizing of Jeff. Davis. – There may be a new party calling itself Democratic, but it is idle to talk of raising the old Democratic party. It died more than a year ago; I saw its funeral and read its obituary. When you count out the Democrats of the South and their allies of the North, who will be driven from the country or hung before the next Presidential election, you will find but a remnant left, and that remnant composed of pro-slavery swellheads.

April 18, 1862.

– Published in The Davenport Daily Gazette, Davenport, Iowa, Monday Morning, April 21, 1862, p. 2

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