Friday, April 6, 2012

The Law for the Issue of Certificates to Government Creditors

WASHINGTON, Feb. 26. – The following is a copy of the bill as passed, authorizing the issue of certificates of indebtedness to public creditors:–

Be it enacted that the Secretary of the Treasury be and hereby is authorized to make cause to be issued to any public creditor who may be desirous to receive the same upon the requisition of the head of the proper department in satisfaction of the audited and settled demands against the United States, certificates for the whole amount due or parts thereof, not less than one thousand dollars, signed by the Treasurer of the United States and countersigned as may be directed by the Secretary of the Treasury, which [certificates shall be payable in one year from date, or earlier, at the option of the government, and shall bear interest at the rate of six per centum.]

– Published in The Burlington Weekly Hawk-Eye, Burlington, Iowa, Saturday, March 1, 1862, p. 3, the bottom of the article was cut off, the text which appears in brackets is from The American Annual Cyclopaedia And Register Of Important Events Of The Year 1862, Vol. 2, p. 456

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