Friday, April 19, 2013

Buckner's Division Position Marker, February 15, 1862: Fort Donelson National Battlefield

C. S. A.

On February 15, 1862, about 1 P. M., this division, in compliance with General Floyd’s orders, withdrew to its original position within the trenches covered by the 2d Kentucky and 41st Tennessee.  Only a Small Portion of the Division had reached its position when Smith’s Division attacked the right flank of the Confederate line fell upon Colonel Hanson’s regiment before it had reached the rifle pits and threw it back in confusion upon the 18th Tennessee.  Hastily forming a line behind the crest of this ridge, Colonel Hanson’s regiment repulsed the ensuing attack against this position.  Reinforced by the 14th Mississippi, the 3d and 18th Tennessee regiments as they arrived, and supported by Porter’s and a section of Grave’s artillery, the 2nd Kentucky was able to maintain its position against repeated assaults.  Towards the close of the action which lasted over two hours, General Buckner’s division was reinforced by the 42d Tennessee.  Colonel Quarles, the 50th Tennessee, Colonel Sugg, and the 49th Tennessee, Colonel Bailey.  Unsuccessful in an attempt to recover the lost trenches, General Buckner’s division had to be content to maintain its position along this ridge.

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