Friday, July 8, 2016

Diary of Corporal Charles H. Lynch: October 31, 1864

Arrived at Jersey City all right, this morning. Crossed the Hudson River by Cortlandt Street ferry. On the march up Cortlandt Street we were hooted and jeered at by the toughs. We passed along without taking any notice of it. Our march was up Broadway. At Martinsburg, West Virginia, we were sent off with cheers. In New York City which had many thousands of its good citizens in the Union army, Union soldiers were insulted as they marched on through the streets. At the railroad station, Fourth Avenue and 27th Street, we were soon on board train for New Haven.

We enjoyed the trip. When we crossed the line cheers were given for good old Connecticut. We arrived late this afternoon. Line formed, we marched through the streets, making a good appearance, every man doing his best, from the drum corps all down the line. Passed under a large Lincoln banner, cheered by each company as we passed along. We marched out to Grapevine Point, East Haven, going into camp at Conscript Camp, there to remain on duty until further orders. This camp is used by the state. All recruits are sent here and sent from here to the different regiments.

SOURCE: Charles H. Lynch, The Civil War Diary, 1862-1865, of Charles H. Lynch 18th Conn. Vol's, p. 133

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