Thursday, July 28, 2016

Diary of Sir Arthur James Lyon Fremantle: Wednesday, June 10, 1863

I dined with Mr and Mrs H––– this afternoon, and after dinner they drove me to the Battery, which is the popular promenade. A great many well-dressed people and a few carriages were there, but the H–––s say it is nothing to what it was. Most of the horses and carriages have been sent out of Charleston since the last attack. Mrs H––– told me all the ladies began to move out of Charleston on the morning after the repulse of the Monitors, the impression being that the serious attack was about to begin. I talked to her about the smart costumes of the negro women on Sundays; she said the only difference between them and their mistresses is, that a mulatto woman is not allowed to wear a veil.

SOURCE: Sir Arthur James Lyon Fremantle, Three Months in the Southern States: April-June, 1863, p. 188

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