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Mrs. Ann Ware Winsor* To Charles L. Bartlett, June 10, 1863

June 10, 1863.

My Dear Sir: — I have dates to-day to the 30th. I suppose you have the same, but give extracts: —

May 28. Colonel Bartlett got a ball in left wrist, which I took out; the bone is broken, but I am sanguine in the opinion that his arm and hand can be saved. His pluck was splendid, and he thought far more of his regiment than of himself. He is on his way to Baton Rouge. Lieut-colonel got a ball in the shoulder, but no bones broken.”

May 29. General Augur said every officer there was brave, but Colonel Bartlett the bravest, and one of his best colonels.”

May 30, 7½ A. M. Colonel Bartlett was hit in left wrist by round musket ball, which went through from one side to the other, where I took it out. The hand will be saved.”

* Wife of Frederick Winsor, Surgeon of the 49th Massachusetts Infantry.

SOURCE: Francis Winthrop Palfrey, Memoir of William Francis Bartlett, p. 86-7

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