Monday, September 5, 2016

George N. Eckert to Abraham Lincoln1, November 5, 1860

Philada 228 South Broad St
Novr 5, 1860
Hon Abm Lincoln

Dear Sir,

The result of the election to morrow in our State is not a matter of doubt, but of absolute certainty. Your majority will probably exceed fifty thousand If your own State and Indiana will go with Penna – & N. Jersey then your election is certain. In that event I wish to say to you that under no circumstances or contingency will it answer to even dream of putting Simon Cameron in the Cabinet. He is corrupt beyond belief. He is rich by plunder – and can not be trusted any where. The particulars I can give you on some convenient occasion. He being our Senator you should and must know him. I had intended to make you a visit this week for the express purpose of putting you on your guard against Genl Cameron, but circumstances forbid my absence.

Very truly yours
Geo N Eckert

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