Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Brigadier-General William F. Bartlett: August 1, 1864

Start this A. M. for Danville. Ride in dirty freight cars. Got to Burkesville Junction about nine. Wait there all day long in heat and dirt. Am getting weaker every hour. Train does not come for us till nearly nine P. M. So full that I had to ride on narrow platform of last car, which was a passenger-car, the conductor's, but he would not let us go in it. So three of us sat on this place all night, — Colonel Marshall, Captain Amory, and I, — the most horrible night I ever passed. Could not sleep, all cramped up. Humane treatment of a prisoner of my rank, sick and wounded. Southern chivalry! Reached Danville early.

SOURCE: Francis Winthrop Palfrey, Memoir of William Francis Bartlett, p. 119-20

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