Friday, November 11, 2016

Major Wilder Dwight: August 20, 1862

in Bivouac Near Rappahannock Crossing, August 20, 1862.

I had hardly finished my last letter when marching orders came. We had a night's bivouac Monday, a tedious, dusty, broiling march yesterday, and another bivouac last night behind the Rappahannock, which is now between us and the enemy, who were, I suppose, themselves awaiting us beyond the Rapidan. I have no spirit for speculation or prophecy, only an aching for result and fulfillment. . . . .

Lieutenant Mills has reported for duty, and finds himself very busy. He comes at the moment when we need every officer's service. He will do well. Last evening when we came on to the field, I found Private Kent Stone waiting for me, looking bright and earnest. He came on in charge of the new recruits from Washington; and as soon as we were established, he marched his recruits into our field, and they were assigned to their companies. I advised the Stones to go into Company C, Captain Cogswell, and they will be well cared for there. . . . . There is nothing to tell. I suppose our movements are for the purpose of effecting a junction with McClellan's forces, which are, at all events, expected by us.

This is the end of my week since joining. It has been a full one.

SOURCE: Elizabeth Amelia Dwight, Editor, Life and Letters of Wilder Dwight: Lieut.-Col. Second Mass. Inf. Vols., p. 284

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