Thursday, February 16, 2017

Diary of 1st Lieutenant John S. Morgan: Wednesday, April 19, 1865

Revelie at 4 a. m. Div on the road at 6. Lt Cooper tells us our destination is the mouth of the Tombigbee distant about 30 miles. We leave the R. R. at Whistler. Find the marching hard although the Regt was in the advance. We travel about 11. miles & camp near a large & deep creek. Lt Loughridge & I go down to fish but after 3 hours faithful fishing returned to camp with nothing, just after dark hear one report of a cannon. See today the best looking rebel I ever, saw. he was a deserter & was marched by our Regt while we rested. a large close built & splendid looking man. Reported that 8 miles from this camp is a Reb force of 8000. & 12 miles is a U. S. Arsenal at Mt Vernon. The clk of Div Com. says that yesterday a fleet of Gun boats & Transports went up to the mouth of the Tombigby carrying 400.000 rations It is the talk that we will establish a base there & move next to Lt. Stephens, has been a very warm day

SOURCE: “Diary of John S. Morgan, Company G, 33rd Iowa Infantry,” Annals of Iowa, 3rd Series, Vol. 13, No. 8, April 1923, p. 593

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