Thursday, March 30, 2017

Diary of Lieutenant-Colonel Rutherford B. Hayes: Monday, August 11, 1862

Received a note from Major [Comly] that the enemy was moving from Red Sulphur either towards us or Colonel Crook. Kept the men preparing for the “secret” inspection or movement. Got a letter from the major, rather obscurely intimating that I did wrong in sending him aid at the time of the attack on him, and showing that he is offended about it, or hurt about it, at any rate. He says I lent official color to the rumor that he had abandoned the place by doing it, etc., etc. I replied that he was in error in thinking I had said I sent reinforcements to him instead of sending to Bluestone because of a rumor that went to Raleigh that he had abandoned the ferry without firing a gun. I had not heard the rumor then; but I did fear he was losing, As I heard from couriers that he was destroying boats, and that the column a mile or more out was still marching this way.

SOURCE: Charles Richard Williams, editor, Diary and Letters of Rutherford Birchard Hayes, Volume 2, p. 325

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