Friday, March 3, 2017

John Hay to John G. Nicolay, November 25, 1863

Executive Mansion,
Washington, Nov. 25, 1863.

Grant’s and Wilcox’s despatches are so cheering this morning that I sent you a cautious dispatch this morning. Hooker (fighting Joe ) (Fightinger than ever) has done gloriously; carried the north slope of Lookout Mountain and gobbled a thousand prisoners. Thomas and Sherman have also done all they attempted, and Grant is to advance to-day along his whole line.

Burnside has sent a courier through to Wilcox and says he is all right as yet; is not hungry or thirsty, and has not quite begun his share of the fighting.

Everything looks well.

Don't, in a sudden spasm of good-nature, send any more people with letters to me requesting
favors from L. I would rather make the tour of a small-pox hospital.

SOURCES: Clara B. Hay, Letters of John Hay and Extracts from Diary, Volume 1, p. 128-9; For the whole diary entry see Tyler Dennett, Editor, Lincoln and the Civil War in the Diaries and letters of John Hay, p. 127.

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