Thursday, May 11, 2017

Diary of John Hay: April 24, 1864

To-night Gen. Burnside came up with me from Willard's to see the President.  They talked about the opening campaign more than anything else. . . . He gave some interesting reminiscences of the siege of Knoxville (Tad laughing enormously whenever he saw his father's eye twinkle, though not seeing clearly why).

Burnside and Sigel are the only ones in motion in accordance with the Order for a general movement on the 23d.

SOURCES: Clara B. Hay, Letters of John Hay and Extracts from Diary, Volume 1, p. 182-3; Michael Burlingame and John R. Turner Ettlinger, Editors, Inside Lincoln’s White House,: the complete Civil War Diary of John Hay, p. 188.

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