Thursday, June 1, 2017

Diary of Sergeant Major Luman Harris Tenney: April 30, 1863

After breakfast, mustered. Issued two days' rations. Lt. Abbey started for Stanford for rations. Bob, Ritter and I overtook the column five miles from Mills Springs. 103rd, 27th N. J., 112th Ill. crossed at the upper ford. Commenced crossing at Mills Springs at 10 A. M. Unsaddled and got tea. Skirmishing over the river. Saddled up and hastened to the river by order. Swam the horses, ferried the men. Amusing to see the horses. Several drowned. Hard to get them across. Lay down on the bank. So much noise, could not sleep much. Crossing all night. Fannie's birthday (nineteen).

SOURCE: Frances Andrews Tenney, War Diary Of Luman Harris Tenney, p. 67

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