Friday, August 29, 2014

Circular of Caleb Baldwin, May 6, 1861

Council Bluffs, Iowa,
May 6, 1861.

To The Citizens Of Western Iowa.

In order more fully to carry out the desire of the Governor of this State to protect our frontier settlements, I respectfully request that an effort be made to organize at least one military company in each of the western counties of the State, which shall hold itself in readiness for service at any moment there may be occasion therefor.

Each company should be composed of not less than forty, nor more than eighty good loyal citizens.

As soon as the requisite number have volunteered for the purpose of organizing a company, the members thereof will proceed to elect their officers, to whom commissions will be issued.

The rolls of the companies with the names of the officers should be forwarded to Adjutant G. M. Dodge of this city.

Arms will be provided by the Executive of this State at the earliest moment possible for all the companies thus organized.

A thorough military organization in our western counties, with plenty of arms and ammunition, is the best guaranty we can have against invasions from the savages not far from our borders, or for marauding parties whose time for operation is when our citizens are in a defenseless condition, and when our National troubles direct the attention of the Federal Government to other parts.


SOURCE: Henry Warren Lathrop, The Life and Times of Samuel J. Kirkwood, Iowa's War Governor, p. 135-6

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