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Brigadier-General Ulysses S. Grant to Julia Dent Grant, February 14, 1862

Near Fort Donelson, Ten.
Feb.y 14th 1862
Dear Julia,

The taking of Fort Donelson bids fair to be a long job.  The rebels are strongly fortified and are in a very heavy force.  When this is to end is hard to surmise but I feel confident of ultimate success.

I see no prospect of going back so I think you had better pack up and go to Covington.1  You will hear from me, through the papers, on day earlyier than where you now are.  Draw all the money I have in the bank.  Ask Captain du Bar[r]y  to take charge of my horse and give all my clothing in charge of one of the clerks ready packed so that I can send for them.  Dont send them up her until I send for them.

Turn over the keys of the house to Mrs. Hillyer.2  and She can turn them over if she should leave either to Mr. Safford3 or any officer who may take possession.

Take the bedding with you.  I shall not want it.  The mattress you might leave in charge of the clerk.

Tell Capt. Du Barry that my horse is perfectly gentle and requires spurs.

I have had two or three letters from you since Fred. was sent back.  I suppose he reached you all safe.

Give my love all enquiring friends.  Kiss the children for me and accept the same for yourself.  I intend no blame shall attach to me whether successful or not.  But with the public it would make a great difference or not.

Good night.

1 See letter to Mary Grant, February 9, 1862
2 Wife of Captain William S. Hillyer.
3 Alfred B. Sanford.

SOURCE: John Y. Simon & William M. Ferraro, Editors, The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant, Volume 4: January 8-March 31, 1862, p. 211-2

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