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Official Reports of the Campaign in North Alabama and Middle Tennessee, November 14, 1864-January 23, 1865: No. 235. — Itinerary of the Army of Tennessee.

No. 235.

Itinerary of the Army of Tennessee.1

November 14 to 20.—Army at Florence, Ala.

November 21.—Left Florence. Encamped to-night at Rawhide.

November 22.—Encamped to-night at the junction of the Waynesborough road with the old Nashville road.

November 23.—Encamped to-night at the iron-works, four miles from Waynesborough.

November 24.—Encamped to-night near Henryville.

November 25.—Moved to Mount Pleasant.

November 26.—Encamped to-night at Andrew Polk's.

November 27.—Crossed over to the Pulaski and Columbia pike and encamped.

November 28.—Part of the army entered Columbia this morning, which was evacuated last night.

November 29.—Army pursuing the enemy.

November 30.—Franklin was attacked at about 3 o'clock this evening. Fighting continued until about 9 o'clock at night. Thirteen general officers killed, wounded, or captured.

December 1.—Army entered Franklin, which was evacuated last night. Troops engaged to-day in burying the dead.

December 2.—Moved within four miles of Nashville and established our lines. Army headquarters at Colonel Overton's, on the Franklin pike.

December 3 to 14.—Army around Nashville. No fighting of importance. Forrest's cavalry and some infantry sent around to Murfreesborough. Some fighting around Murfreesborough, but no results. Two transports with some 300 mules captured on the Cumberland by Chalmers, but the boats were afterward recaptured.

December 15.—Enemy attacked and drove our left in some confusion. Johnson's division, of Lee's corps, and Stewart's corps gave way. Some guns captured by the enemy.

December 16.—Yankees charged our lines and were repulsed. About 3 o'clock the whole line gave way in confusion, losing guns and property, retreating in great disorder to Franklin.

December17.—Army falling back. Headquarters to-night near Spring Hill.

December 18.—Headquarters to-night at Columbia.

December 19.—Headquarters still at Columbia.

December 20.—Moved to Pulaski.

December 23.—Left Pulaski for Bainbridge.

December 24.—Some of the army reached Bainbridge to-day; the rest on the route.

December 25.—Army at and around Bainbridge.

December 26.—Pontoon bridge was completed today and the army commenced crossing. Headquarters at Bainbridge.

December 27.—Headquarters moved to Tuscumbia to-day.

December 28.—Headquarters at Tuscumbia.

December 29.—Moving on toward Corinth.

December 30.—Headquarters at Burnsville, Miss.

December 31.—Headquarters at Burnsville.

January 1, 1865.—Still at Burnsville.

January 2.—Moved to Corinth in the cars.

1 Kept by Col. Edwin J. Harvie, assistant inspector-general, C. S. Army.

SOURCE: The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Series I, Volume 45, Part 1 (Serial No. 93), p. 675

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