Friday, February 3, 2023

Braxton Bragg to William T. Sherman, January 27, 1861

BATON ROUGE, Jan. 27, 1861.

MY DEAR SHERMAN: It is with the deepest regret that the enclosed papers are forwarded to you. I am so occupied with other matters that I do not know what the Board of Supervisors have done or will do about your successor. Dr. Smith has made arrangements, I think, to settle your salary as ordnance officer.

The ordinance of secession passed the convention yesterday by a very large vote, and a convention of Southern States will immediately meet to organize a new confederacy. It will be in operation - a de facto government – before the 4th of March. We hope this course will lead to a peaceable solution of the matters. A separation is inevitable - nothing can prevent it now. Why should there be any strife over it?

Still it is not for individuals to control these matters. We can only strive and hope.

Wherever you go my fervent prayers attend you for success and happiness. . .

SOURCE: Walter L. Fleming, General W.T. Sherman as College President, p. 351

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