Saturday, July 16, 2016

Samuel M. Felton to Brigadier-General Benjamin F. Butler, April 21, 1861

Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Rail Road Company,
PHILADELPHIA, April 21, 1861
General B. F. BUTLER

DEAR SIR: We want very much to establish a daily line between Perryville & Annapolis to connect with our train from here at 11½ A.M., & at Perryville to connect with our night line up, arriving here at 9½ A.M. making a daily line both ways. In order to do this efficiently it will be necessary for you to return one or two boats to Col. Dare as soon as you can. I am delighted with the reports of your campaign. It is brilliant & worthy of a true son of Massachusetts. I hear there is a large encampment establishing at Acquia Creek. Look out that they do not march up & cut you off at Annapolis, or between that and the Junction. I hear to-day from a reliable man direct from Charleston that three thousand troops are now on their way from Charleston, either for Richmond or Norfolk.

Yours truly,

SOURCE: Jessie Ames Marshall, Editor, Private and Official Correspondence of Gen. Benjamin F. Butler During the Period of the Civil War, Volume 1: April 1860 – June 1862, p. 22

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