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Congressman Eli Thayer to John Brown, March 30, 1857

Worcester, March 30, 1857.

Captain Brown, — I have received your letter from Easton, Penn. Some of the men engaged in the Virginia scheme care nothing for slavery or antislavery but to make money. Of course such will do nothing for Kansas; but most of us have been doing, and shall continue to do, till the thing is settled. We have not the remotest idea of relinquishing Kansas, — not at all. I have just seen Mr. Higginsou, and he informs me that our county committee will let you have fifty dollars. Perhaps, also, something will be raised by subscription, — I gave the papers to Mr. Higginson. He will write to you. Please let me know when you are coming this way. Do not pay postage on your letter to me, — let Uncle Sam do his part.

Truly yours,
Eli Thayer.1

1 This letter is indorsed by John Brown, “Hon. Eli Thayer. Answered 1st April,” — which was soon after Brown's return from a visit he had made with Martin Conway and myself to Governor Reeder at his home at Easton, in the hope of persuading him to go back and take the lead of the Free-State men in Kansas in place of Robinson, who had lost the confidence of the people.

SOURCE: Franklin B. Sanborn, The Life and Letters of John Brown, p. 381

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