Friday, August 19, 2016

Diary of Sergeant George G. Smith: October 24, 1862

Embarked on board the Empire Parish at Carolton, the Iberville with the Nineth New Hampshire preceded by gun boat number 3, were in the advance. Then the Empire Parish with the First Louisiana came next, followed by the General Williams with the 13th C.V. Then the 12th C. V. and 75th New York, on two other transports. Three gun boats were in the expedition. Early the following morning the whole brigade disembarked at a plantation six miles below Donaldsonville, La. As soon as the troops were in line they were put in motion. The infantry saw no rebels: but the cavalry in advance reported seeing the coat-tails of some mounted infantry streaming in the wind, in mad flight down the Bayou Lafourche road for dear life, and that was all the enemy seen by the expedition that day.

SOURCE: Abstracted from George G. Smith, Leaves from a Soldier's Diary, p. 29-30

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