Thursday, August 25, 2016

Frederick T. Frelinghuysen to Abraham Lincoln, January 12, 1861

Newark. N J. Jan 12. 1861
Hon. Abraham Lincoln.

My Dear Sir.

Having been a delegate from this State to Chicago, I take the liberty, (tho' I have not the pleasure of your acquaintance) to write this line – I feel a deep interest in the prosperity of your approaching trying administration but a far deeper interest in the well-being of our afflicted country. This feeling prompts me to suggest Wm L. Dayton of N J as a man in my opinion eminently qualified, by his firmness of character – his abilities, his integrity, his consistent conservative record – his high order of statesman-ship by the hold he has on Republicans & by the position of his state, for a place in your cabinet—

You have no time to read long letters. I have known Mr Dayton many years, been engaged in the practice of the law with him at our bar, & am also personally intimate with him, and the qualities I have attributed to him are not stated without knowledge & reflection—

Hoping that our country under your administration may have a safe deliverance from her many troubles

I remain with great respect

Your Obt Svt.
Fredk T. Frelinghuysen

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