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Officers of the Thirteenth Connecticut Infantry

Connecticut Infantry Volunteers
New Haven, Conn., March 17, 1862


Colonel — Henry W. Birge, of Norwich.
Lieut. Colonel — Alexander Warner, of Woodstock.
Major — Richard E. Holcomb, of East Granby.
Adjutant — William M. Grosvenor, of New Haven.
Quartermaster — Joseph B. Bromley, of Norwich.
Surgeon — Benjamin N. Commings, of New Britain.
Assistant Surgeon — George Clary, of Hartford.
State Surgeon — Nathaniel P. Fisher, of Norwich.
Chaplain — Rev. Chas C Salter, of New Haven.


Sergeant Major — George W. Whittlesey, of Norwich.
Quartermaster Sergeant — Andrew T. Johnson, of Montville.
Com. Sergeant — G. Tracy.
Hospital Steward — William Bishop.
Drum Major — Joseph Hadley, of New London.


Co. A, (New Britain, 101 men) Capt. Henry I. Bidwell, 1st Lieut. John E. Woodruff, 2d Lieut, Chas. H. Cornwall.

Co. B. (Sharp Shooters, 108 men) Capt. Apollos Comstock, 1st Lieut. William E. Bradley, 2d Lieut. William C. Beecher.

Co. C, (Litchfield, 98 men) Capt. Charles D. Blinn, 1st Lieut. Isaac F. Nettleton, 2d Lieut. Charles C. Tibbetts.

Co. D, (Litchfield and New Haven, 87 men)  Capt. Cyrus E. Prindle, 1st Lieut. Perry Averill 2d Lieut. Joseph H. Meredith.

Co. E. (Hartford and Tolland, 93 men) Capt. Eugene Tisdale, 1st Lieut E. Emmons Graves, 2d Lieut. William P. Miner.

Co. F. (Norwich and Hartford, 90 men) Capt. James J. McCord, 1st Lieut. Charles J. Fuller, 2d Lieut. John C Abbott.

Co. G, (Windham, 102 men) Capt. Sylvester G. Gilbert, 1st Lieut. Dennison H. Finlay, 2d Lieut. Joseph S. A. Baker.

Co. H, (New Haven, 87 men) Capt. Homer B. Sprague, 1st Lieut. Jonah F. Clark, 2d Lieut. Julius Tobias.

Co. I, (New London and Litchfield, 100 men) Capt. Henry L. Schleiter, 1st Lieut. Frank Wells, 2d Lieut. Joseph Strickland.

Co. K, (New Haven, 80 men) Capt. Alfred Mitchell, 1st Lieut. Jared D. Thompson, 2d Lieut. William F. Norman.

Total number, 969.

SOURCE: Abstracted from George G. Smith, Leaves from a Soldier's Diary, p. 145-6

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