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Gustavus V. Fox to Virginia Woodbury Fox, February 7, 1861

7th Feb., 1861
Dr. V.

I have determined to remain here a day or two longer at the earnest instigation of Aunt Minna — and as Charles will probably return with me.

I think there is a hope that S. Carolina will not attack Sumpter and that reinforcements therefore are unnecessary. I would not trust them but old Buck may know better. My plan will be adopted if it becomes certain that reinforcements must be sent. I had several interviews with the Genl, Secy of War and the officer from Sumpter.

Do not expect me until Sunday morning at the farthest.

All send love and your ma is certainly expected — no will not be taken.


The Union looks better—

SOURCE: Robert Means Thompson & Richard Wainwright, Editors, Publications of the Naval Historical Society, Volume 9: Confidential Correspondence of Gustavus Vasa Fox, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, 1861-1865, Volume 1, p. 6-7

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