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Horace Greeley to James S. Pike, April 28, 1850

New York, April 28, 1850.

Friend Pike: I have your first letter, and shall put it through, leads and all, though I am crowded for to-morrow. I only insist on one modification, that of not calling the Locofocos Democrats. First, because they are not; next, because they live on that name, and make more votes out of it than out of all the wisdom, talent, and patriotism they ever displayed; and lastly, because it deceives and misleads many of the ignorant and simple with regard to our character and the real questions which divide us. I pray you call me a sheep-thief if you have occasion, but don't call Foote, Dickinson & Co. “the Democratic party.” If you do, they may have a roast baby for breakfast every morning, with missionary steaks for dinner, and yet rule the country forever.

I shall suggest some demurrage to your points, but never mind. Send along more of each. But let us know sometimes what Congress, the Cabinet, etc., are about to do, as well as what they ought to do.

Horace Greeley.
J. S. Pike, Esq.

SOURCE: James Shepherd Pike, First Blows of the Civil War: The Ten Years of Preliminary Conflict in the United States from 1850 to 1860, p. 49

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