Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Journal of Major Wilder Dwight: Noon, Sunday, June 1, 1862

We have been listening two hours to the sound of cannon in the direction of Strasburg or Front Royal. A report comes in, that Milroy camped at Wardensville Friday night. Another now comes, that Shields and Milroy are between Middletown and Newtown, and Gustavus Smith is in their rear. Quien sabe? What a week of rumor it has been! First Ewell was at Bunker's Hill to cut off Banks; then our troops had crossed the river; Wheat was in Hagerstown; the bridge at Harper's Ferry was burned; then Cooper and Dix were in Charlestown with large force; then Shields was at Front Royal; then Richmond was taken ; then we were repulsed; then Banks was within four miles of town; then Fremont was in their rear, &c., &c., &c. We speculate, discuss, study the map, &c. This morning a scout has been sent out towards Martinsburg, to General Banks, to say that nothing but a thin veil of Stewart's cavalry covers this town. We wait the “careful” advance of some Federal flag from somewhither.

SOURCE: Elizabeth Amelia Dwight, Editor, Life and Letters of Wilder Dwight: Lieut.-Col. Second Mass. Inf. Vols., p. 265

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